Our Vision

" To be one of the leading Industrial Chemical Manufacturers in the Asian Region through innovation of sustainable products and quality excellence. "


Our Mission

" To build a successful relationship with our valued customers and society by providing an excellent service in a timely and resource efficient manner to meet their individual goals. "


Our Goal

" To be the best at what we do "



S&D Associates was established in 1998 with the initial focus on manufacturing Sanitation & Cleaning Products aimed at the Hospitality and Healthcare industry. Since then, the company has grown many folds and has diversified into a variety of new product areas catering to different industries including Manufacturing & Technical Sales Provider to the Textile Manufacturing Industry and Garment Wet Processing Industry as well as final & intermediate products for Personal Care, Home Care, Adhesives, Sealants, Surface Coatings, Industrial Chemicals for the Rubber Industry and for Water Treatment. Being one of the very few companies with polymerization capabilities in the country, we manufacture and supply a number of polymers to different industry segments of the market.


We are one of the most diversified chemical manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka - manufacturing and handling over 1000 chemicals. Our fundamental belief is that each customer has the right to have a product produced to their individual needs. It is for this reason that we are regarded as a highly innovative company in the South Asian region and beyond.


S&D is a very professional and highly customer focused organization, developing innovative value added products tailor made to a variety of customers’ end-use. All products manufactured by us are biodegradable and therefore environment friendly. Our focus is for a sustainable future and we always consider process optimization with regard to reducing carbon footprint.


Our Team consists of highly skilled local and overseas members including chemical engineers, industrial chemists and other professionals.


In addition to our manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, we also operate via our own liaison offices in Bangladesh & Maldive Islands. Our trade mark products are exported around the world to countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Dubai, Egypt, Spain, Australia & Singapore.


In the very near future, we will be spreading our wings to cover some of the other South East Asian Regional markets such as Thailand and Malaysia.