Finishing processes give high quality to the textile materials after dyeing or printing but before the fabric is moved into garments and other end products. Finishes have a wide variety of functions, all of which are intended to make the fabric more suitable for its intended use. Functions of finishes including, inhabit some natural characteristic of the fabric. As examples softening, stiffening, sequestering, brightening, and changing surface characteristics. Apart from that imparting new characteristics or properties to the fabric as durable press finishes, flame retardant finishes, and many other chemical treatments are also having increasing demand. On the other hand finishing process will facilitate increasing life and the durability of the fabric and setting the fabric so it maintains its shape and structure.

Our portfolio for finishing agents provide solutions for all required finishing processes up to extraordinary functional effects with their high quality and cost-effective products make industrial processing of textiles easier for more effective and smooth-running processes. Latest technological advancements are always in line with our product range so that high-performance finishes are proven.