The Green Vision Program is our commitment to sustainability at S&D, both during our production process as well as in our end- stage products and services that are offered to industry partners. In 2010, S&D created its Green Vision program to assess our manufacturing process and our products with compliances to the latest Product Safety & Ecological Issues. The Green Vision Program now plays a vital role in leading the company and our customers towards a greener and better future.


Green Vision for Responsible Manufacturing

We take full responsibility of sustainable manufacturing from beginning to completion. We are headed towards a greener future, with manufacturing systems specially designed to operate with less energy, water, and raw materials. Our advanced eco-friendly production processes ensure minimal emissions and reduced impact on the environment.

We spend considerable consideration and resources on our effluent and wastewater management systems to ensure that we practice the concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Simultaneously all the manufacturing processes are constantly assessed by our Green Vision team. Our knowledgeable team is always well equipped to provide any kind of technical guidance during the product development stages together with guaranteed end product technical assistance to our customers, with the concomitant aim of enhancing their efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of sustainability.


Green Vision for Sustainable Chemical Solutions

The Green Vision program always reviews our products in an ecological manner & assures our customers that the chemical solutions we provide comply with brand RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements, ensuring the safety and efficacy using the latest trends and technology in sustainable chemistry.