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Spray Dried Botanical Extracts

Nexpo Conversions Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in conversion of value added botanical extracts of pure and natural agro based products into powder forms for human consumption as food & health ingredients and beverages for local and export market using state of the art technology without incorporation of any type of synthetic chemicals even as processing aids.

Our main products currently are tea (Camellia sinensis) extracts and coconut (Cocos nucifera) milk powder produced using Spray Drying Technology. We use spray-drying technology with the latest advanced methods of converting active ingredients of tea and coconut extracted from aqueous medium to powder form under extreme hygienic conditions for convenient end use by customers.

Spray drying is the ideal process when end products such as Tea Extracts and Coconut Milk Powder must comply with precise quality standards regarding particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape for an internationally acceptable product. Nexpo Process Engineering has significant expertise in application of closed-cycle Spray Dryer in food Industry.

Our spray drying process starts with the atomization of liquid feedstock into a spray of droplets and then the droplets are placed in contact with hot air in a drying chamber. The atomization is produced by High Pressure Nozzle Atomizers. Evaporation of moisture from the droplets and formation of dry particles proceed under controlled atmosphere, temperature and airflow conditions, and powder is continuously discharged from the drying chamber and second stage drying in a Fluidized Bed Dryer under extreme hygienic conditions for final QC and Packing as per customer requirements.