0 020 CopyCotton bleaching is traditionally carried out in strongly alkaline solution of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) at temperatures close to the boil. Such harsh processing conditions can result in extensive water and energy consumptions as well as severe chemical damage to textiles.


With all our innovative sustainable chemical solutions S&D is always looking for ways to contribute to a greener world. With our latest innovative Bleach Activator TURBO BLEACH ED, we are ready to take a huge step forward on the path of sustainability. The newly activated peroxide system provides a more environmentally benign approach to cotton bleaching.


The all new Advanced Booster Technology with Polymer + Surfactants system enables to process textiles in a more sustainable way than the conventional bleaching systems. It lowers the bleaching temperature, saving a remarkable amount of energy, time and total cost with less weight loss and strength loss with an enhanced fabric quality.



  • Energy saved with low-temperature bleaching
  • Reduced process time
  • Improved cleaning efficiency
  • Quality improved cleaning results- Does not lead to increased fibre damage
  • Can easily be integrated into each existing bleaching procedure
  • Compatibility with many washing agents
  • Applicable in full white processing
  • Ideal for low liquor ratios


Filling the gap between Low-Temperature Bleaching & Standard Bleaching in sustainable textile pre-treatment, TURBO BLEACH ED simplifies nearly all discontinuous bleaching processes in an inexpensive way.