Blends of polyester and cotton (T/C) fibers have become very important to the textile industry. Cotton gives the aesthetic and comfort properties demanded by consumers, while the polyester component adds to suitable mechanical properties. Because of the extreme differences in the dyeing behaviors of the two fibers, polyester fibers are dyed with disperse dyes at 130℃ and high pressure, and cotton fibers are dyed with reactive dyes at 60℃ normally. In order to get satisfactory fastness, reduction-clearing after disperse dyeing and washing off after reactive dyeing are a must. The process is very complicated. The dyeing time is long. Water and energy consumption is huge.
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Gasop TGW

In order to address these issues sustainably S&D innovated Gasop TGW which eliminates the reduction clearing between polyester disperse dyeing and the cotton reactive dyeing in the washing off process. Gasop TGW demonstrates very good washout ability to both disperse and reactive dyes and is suitable for one-bath two-step process of dyeing of T/C fabrics with normal disperse and reactive dyes, eliminating reduction clearing, shortening the process, and exhibiting the outstanding feature of energy saving and emission reductions.


The advantages at a glance

  • Improves the wash fastness
  • Significantly shorter process as no reduction clearing
  • Economical dyeing, less water and energy consumption
  • APEO free multifunctional product


Gasop TGW is able to soap off both disperse dyes and reactive dyes which were unfixed onto the fibers. The T/C blend fabrics dyed using the new process get the same shade, leveling and wash fastness properties as the fabrics dyed with conventional dyeing process. The new process can shorten process time, save water and energy, increase machine productivity and reduce labor cost.