Laundry Chemicals

Every stain is different. Every type of soiling needs its own treatment. Our Detergents, Bleaching Agents, Neutralizers, Fabric Conditioners, Starches, Emulsifiers, and other laundry solutions have all been designed with this in mind. There are many kinds of stains, soilings, and different fabric conditions. Our modular systems and auxiliaries know them all.

From on-premise to commercial laundries, we offer a complete line of Commercial Laundry Chemicals for your specific laundry needs to ensure your linen comes out clean and bright the first time.

Industrial washing can be made quicker and easier with our advanced laundry chemicals that are powered-up with specially formulated cleaning agents to remove persistent stains, and clean your clothes deeply, with utmost care and quality.

We know you want excellent results each time you wash. So we’ve used our in-depth knowledge to create a unique system that enhances the washing experience, doing away with virtually all the hazards and inefficiencies of traditional washing systems.

We offer you maximum cleanliness, hygienic safety, and color & fiber retention. All this plus ground-breaking cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility. In addition, the laundry systems and detergents from S & D Associates can be specifically and precisely tailored to the clients required dosages and methods.

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