NEXPO has diversified its activities to extracting Tea Polyphenols by aqueous extraction of Green and Black tea and subsequently converting to powder form using Spray Drying Technology.

Instant tea is manufactured from black tea by extracting the brew from processed leaves; tea wastes or undried fermented leaves. The extract is concentrated under low pressure and converted to powder by the spray-drying process.

Low temperature for extraction helps minimize loss of fine flavor and aroma.

Our manufacturing process is a delicate aqueous extraction method developed to deliver optimal flavor and aroma to our customers. Using our proprietary process technology NEXPO produces consistent, smooth, hot/cold brewed liquid extracts of tea for preserved flavor and aroma in the final product. Lower extraction temperatures we employ help curb the undesirable notes in botanical extracts for beverage applications.

NEXPO has designed the manufacturing plant to manufacture Instant tea from Green leaves and Black Tea. Tea Extraction process yields a fine quality instant tea and the process includes aqueous extraction, filtration of extract for separation and removal of undesirable foreign matter, evaporation for concentration and finally spray drying.

Instant green tea is manufactured by similar methods but hot water is used to extract liquor from crushed leaves.

All the parts of machinery that come in contact with the intermediate extract or final product are made completely out of high-quality Stainless Steel.