Spray dried Coconut milk powder is made purely from selected, matured nuts. After harvesting, the hard shell is removed and then the white kernel is washed, disintegrated and pressed. The extracted coconut milk is well filtered to ensure absolute purity and free from any foreign matter. High-quality carriers (edible starch based Maltodextrin and milk based Sodium Caseinate) combined with careful Pasteurization, Homogenization and followed by a well-controlled Spray-Drying process ensure a consistent high-quality product with a long shelf-life of at least 24 months.


A well trained and dedicated team of Food Technologists supervises and controls the entire production process from receipt of the raw materials to final product packaging stage while a well equipped Laboratory manned by experienced and qualified staff constantly monitors the entire process for physical, chemical and microbiological parameters.

The spray dried powder is purely a natural product and preserves the characteristic flavour and the typical properties and nutrients of coconut milk. Nexpo carries out additional quality control of the coconut milk powder by drawing representative samples from each lot produced and analyzed according to standard microbiological and chemical standards.